Reflective Summary

I am lucky to have had multiple different teaching experiences and teaching roles during my participation in the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching (CoAT) program. I am also glad that I had many of these different roles before I started the Preparing the Professoriate (PTP) program as I was able to reflect back on those experiences as I moved forward. From being a TA to being an instructor, I had multiple opportunities to apply what I have learned, and only a few have been captured in this portfolio. Even more so, this portfolio was only able to capture a tiny fraction of all that I have learned in CoAT and PTP.

As a result of these experiences, I feel more confident, more prepared, and more effective in front of the classroom. I have received positive comments from students on my teaching and on how they consider the assignments and activities that I have designed for them to be helpful. I learned that the interaction patterns are different when the roles are different, and that each requires a different set of strategies.

I enjoyed the freedom of choosing CoAT workshops to fit my needs, as well as the focus of the PTP sessions. I have learned from the CoAT and PTP seminars not only from their content, but also from the way the content was delivered by the facilitators. I can honestly say that now I am, and feel like, a better teacher. I have gained a solid theoretical foundation and acquired a working set of practical tools to apply on my classes, some of which are captured in the artifacts in this portfolio.

I have now conducted a peer review of someone else’s teaching, and had someone else review my own teaching. This experience allowed me to view and reflect on someone else’s teaching with a critical eye and to identify areas to improve in my own teaching. I am also now much more prepared to effectively identify and help students that may be struggling academically and personally.

Working on this portfolio has made me realize how much I've grown as a teacher as a result of my participation in CoAT and PTP. While doing so, I have also realized how much I still can grow. While I have had several teaching experiences so far, I have learned so much more than I have been able to apply. With more teaching experience I will not only be able to apply what I have learned, but in doing so I will also build my confidence in front of the classroom.

Before I conclude this reflection on my journey through CoAT and PTP, I would like to express my gratitude to my mentors Ms. Margaret Heil and Dr. Robert Fornaro. Not only are they exceptional and greatly successful professionals and teachers, but they are also wonderful human beings. The PTP experience would have not been as rich without their guidance, support, and constant feedback. I cannot imagine myself in better hands to have guided me through this process.