• CSC 492 - Senior Design Project

    The Senior Design Project (CSC 492) is the required capstone course in Computer Science at NC State, and as such is a very particular course. Groups of 3 to 5 seniors in Computer Science work on a project that is unique per group and per semester. All projects are proposed by industry sponsors under the supervision of the Senior Design staff. Most class sessions involve student groups working on their projects in the Senior Design Lab, but there are also several lectures and activities scheduled througout the semester in a large lecture hall.

    I've been involved in this course in different capacities since I served as a Teaching Assistant on the Spring 2011 semester. My responsibilities have included assisting students during lab sessions with their various projects, grading and providing feedback on students’ oral and written reports, and giving lectures on software testing and version control. More recently, since Spring 2014, I began serving as a Technical Advisor, acting as a mentor for student teams, and providing feedback, guidance, and support regarding all areas of a project.

  • CSC UCAB Summer Practicum

    Since 2007, the Computer Science department at NC State has hosted a group of international undergraduate students from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB) in Caracas, Venezuela for a two-week intensive Summer Practicum. I served as the instructor of the 2014 Computer Science Practicum . This instance of the course hosted 16 Venezuelan students, and served as elective credits at UCAB. The course focused on software development for embedded sensor systems using Microsoft’s Gadgeteer platform. I was in charge of designing this course and creating all the materials including lectures and lecture notes, assignments, a mid-course project, and a final project. Students attended lectures and lab sessions daily from 9am to 5pm for two weeks, and had the opportunity of building a software solution of their choice using the provided hardware.